Artists ~ Quotations

Eric Bibb
“The guitars are perfect for everything I do”

Gordon Giltrap
“A constant source of inspiration”

Ken Nicol
“I am very proud to play Fylde guitars, quite honestly they are better than anything else I’ve come across”

John Smith
“I own several Fylde instruments and can talk all day about the level of craftsmanship that goes into these instruments. They are, in my opinion, the absolute best.”

Tristan Seume
“Beautiful tone, impeccable craftsmanship, and understated grace.”

Martin Simpson
“It’s wonderful”

Gary Potter
“I love it”

Ritchie Blackmore
“Roger - you might have to mass produce this one”

John James
“I’m offered lots of guitar, but nothing else comes near”

John Martyn
“There's only one 12-string that I've ever played that I really liked though, and that belongs to a chick named Bridget St. John. She won't give it to me!”

Davy Graham
“Thank you for the beautiful guitar and please do not hesitate to shave off your beard as well.”

Martin Carthy
“The guitar was sitting in his workshop, beckoning to me”
“The Mandolin actually saved my life at one point. I started to play it and it really got me out of a hole”

Guy Buttery
“What can I say! Wow. From its exquisite craftsmanship, to its vast array of tone colours, to its massive projection and in its simple, highly attractive looks, my Oberon is gorgeous. I am ecstatic ....”

David Coulter
“Your instruments are stunning. They almost play themselves and I am astonished at the tone and sustain.”

John Renbourn
“Roger - you know even better than me what a great instrument that is, it’s in a league of its own, a really outstanding instrument. I have been trying to imagine the sound as it gets older, and it was only the practical consideration of fingerboard width that gave me second thoughts about buying it."

Tony McManus
“I’ve admired his work for a long time”

KT Tunstall
“---- my eco guitar!!!”

Cliff Richard
“I use the Fylde all the time...the Fylde is just the best . It’s so much easier for me to play than my other guitars and the acoustic sound is so much better”.

Frank Christian
“Thank you for all of your kindness, I am thoroughly enjoying the new instrument”

Luke Concannon
“Here I am, eating toast in bed with my girlfriend, guitar is sounding great”

John Abercrombie
“I have never heard an acoustic guitar sound this good”

Elliot Randall
“The fylde guitar has made me happier than any other instrument
I have ever played.”

Joe Beck
“The most accurate and responsive guitars I’ve played”

Arlen Roth
“This is the best new acoustic guitar I’ve played……… by far.”

Nic Jones
“I wouldn’t use anything else”.

Al Di Meola
“They are the best all wood guitars that I’ve ever heard or played with.”

Pete Townshend
“It’s a magic instrument.” “I’m so delighted with your guitars”

Mark Egan
“The Fylde acoustic bass guitar is one of the finest instruments I’ve ever played”

Kent Nebergall
“In my nine years of engineering experience with such artists as Rita Coolidge, Jackson Browne, Kris Kristofferson, Dave Mason, and the Rolling Stones, I have never been so impressed with a 12 string guitar”

Andy Latimer
“It’s an amazing guitar, the best I’ve tried in ages” “It sounds better with every year that passes”

Michael Chapman
“I’ve got 2 Martins and 3 Fyldes – work it out for yourself”

Stanley Clarke
“I love playing them and look forward to having lots of fun with them”

Barbara Dickson
“I love my guitar”

John Doyle
“Guitar is doing great, it has a fantastic sound”

Dick Gaughan
“The nearest thing to perfection I’ve ever seen in an acoustic guitar”

Gareth Pearson
“Rog - thanks for everything”

Roy Harper
“If I have a song that needs to have a wholesome strum for the best recorded bouquet, then the Fylde has it.’s unsurpassed. Fylde are about the best.... they are able to make a guitar that is immediately recordable. PS. What a nice bloke that Roger is too!!”

Archie Fisher
“The Fylde guitar got me sitting”, explains Archie. “Its sophistication enabled the left hand to do wonderful things; trouble was, you couldn't play standing what you'd learned sitting. So, as part of the Liberated Guitarist's Movement, I burned my strap and sat!”