Music delivered to your home ~ Fylde & Fylde players respond to Covid19

Fingerstyle Festival

Saturday 11th April. 3.15 pm- 6.45 UK pm UK time More live streaming with the Fingerstyle Hub Festival, with lots of our friends, including Elliott Morris and Billy Watman.

John Smith - Coming Soon!

I’m going on a World Tour (from home)! Over four days & nights I’ll play eight streaming shows in all of your local time zones from my house. You can join me wherever you are in the world! The tour is very environmentally friendly. I can walk straight to bed after each show via the fridge.

More information soon.

Noctambule Music

Bruce Victor is an “old” friend and customer, he is a physician based in San Francisco, and has an ever changing stable of Fylde instruments. With his musical partner Maria Fabish, he is producing a number of “daily serenades’via Facebook Live

Seeing as how we are all stuck inside, we thought it might be fun to provide a short daily serenade, in place, of course, from our living room, over the interwebs to your device of choice!

We are doing this via Facebook Live, every day for the foreseeable future, at 12:30PM Pacific Daylight Time. Tune in by 'liking' the Noctambule Facebook Page, and heading there at the appointed time, where the Live event will magically pop up. Join us - you can heckle us, blow us kisses and make requests through the chat window, and talk to each other as well, all completely germ free!

If you're not free at that time, you can catch the replays - they are all there on the page. For those of you who eschew Facebook, we will be starting to archive them on our YouTube Channel in the next few days. We also put together a little Journey in Place on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Marla & Bruce

Martin Simpson

Martin wants us all to subscribe to his Instagram and Facebook accounts, he will be uploading lots of new tab (please keep your requests coming in to ( and finding ways that he can perform mini-concerts.

Will McNicol - Tuition

Perhaps you might want to take advantage of this quiet time to get some top class tuition- one to one?

Will has an ever-increasing roster of Skype students from all over the world. Becoming a Skype student has many benefits, including access to The Library - an exclusive online resource of over 50 pages of warmups, exercises and study pieces for students to dip into at any time, and is being updated regularly. Will’s multi-cam setup offers unparalleled clarity of techniques and musicality being discussed, and shared Dropbox folders allow sharing of scores, videos and ideas.

Fender - free online guitar lessons

Fender offers 3 months of free online guitar lessons through Fender Play

Fender is offering new users a free 3 month subscription to Fender Play, the complete online learning platform for guitar, bass and ukulele. The platform uses instructor-guided videos to assist those embarking on their musical journey and will have new players jamming in minutes.

Nick Hooper

Harry Potter Composer, author and guitarist Nick Hooper is offering free digital copies of his novels for the duration of the stay at home order. All you have to do is sign up to his newsletter. Click here

"With everything that's going on in the world right now, I thought it'd be a nice idea to make the digital versions of my books available for free over the coming weeks to those on our mailing list, starting this week with The Occasional Gardener. I hope that this freebie, and those coming over the next few weeks, can provide you with some escape whilst you stay safe and healthy at home."

Snake Davis

Snake has streaming shows most days and bi-weekly sax clinics. No guitar though, although he does have a "gorgeous Falstaff"!

That takes you to his home page, where you can then select the live stream or any of his recorded videos.