How to buy a Fylde Guitar

How to buy a Fylde instrument

Because of the limited number of instruments we can make, currently we can only supply instruments directly from the workshop in Penrith. We always have about six different guitars on display, usually the most popular models, which potential customers are welcome to play, (by appointment) and we often have one or two actually for sale, but that changes too quickly to be able to publicise them. On top of that, there are sometimes unique, one off "Personal Selection” instruments for sale , which we photograph and place on the "Instruments available now" section on this website. If you want to be kept up to date on those instruments, plus much more, then please sign up to the regular newsletter.

If you are interested in any of the instruments, please make contact, I am equally happy to discuss standard models, or special orders.

Most of our enquiries and orders come via email. It is an excellent way of working, as we can both take whatever time is needed and have a record of what has been discussed. We can discuss standard models, or special orders, and sometimes it is better than face to face. (Click here to email Fylde)

There is no substitute for personal contact

If you do not have access to the Internet, then telephone is not ideal, but does work for simple enquiries. If I can leave the workshop for a few minutes, I will be happy to talk to you, otherwise someone will take your number and I will call you back as soon as I can. 0 (44) 1768 891515

I will also answer letters as quickly as possible.

Sometimes there is no substitute for personal contact. You are very welcome to visit, but please try to make an appointment first. Most of my time is spent in the workshop, and many of the procedures in guitar making cannot be stopped once they have been started. If I am expecting you, I will do my best to make time to speak to you, show you the guitars, and offer whatever guidance is needed. If you are seriously interested, I will do my best to show you round the workshop, but I am under constant pressure and do need to be careful with my time. You might even get a cup of workshop tea. If that doesn't put you off, nothing will.

Some people say they find me a little bit frightening. I'm not really, I'm a pussycat, but it's sometimes useful to have a reputation.

How to Buy a Fylde Mandolin, Bouzouki, Mandola or Cittern.

Making and supplying these smaller instruments is a lot easier for us than the guitars. Mandolins are often in stock, or at least close to completion. The other instruments are usually available quite quickly.

I am often asked for unusual versions of these instruments, and I can usually offer good advice and suggest solutions. Please feel free to ask.

If you want to visit, you are welcome, but by appointment please. Just telephone or email to enquire.

Export pricing and regulations

The price list includes 20% Value Added Tax, which does not apply outside of the EU, so for export prices, please divide the published price by 1.2. If you order from abroad, I will always quote you the export price, and give you an estimate of shipping costs.

Regulations and required paperwork are different for different countries. Usually it is very easy , we have considerable experience and we will help where required.

There are usually customs fees and taxes to pay on import, we cannot calculate those costs from here, and they must be paid by the importer when the goods reach customs. It is usually very easy.