The finest Hand-made guitars

Fylde guitars have been developed in close collaboration with some of the finest guitarists of our time, and Roger Bucknall’s list of customers is a who’s who of the guitar world. Some of the designs have been so successful that they have remained largely unchanged over a period of more than forty years, while others have slowly evolved to their present form. New models are always in development.

Roger’s qualifications as a mechanical design engineer, plus his experience in musical acoustics, electronics and fine woodworking have given him a set of skills which are probably unrivalled elsewhere in the guitar world. Those skills have produced enduring, classic designs, which are available directly to the guitar playing public, not just to a small circle of professional musicians.

Making by hand

Fylde make the finest quality guitars, individually, by hand. They incorporate the same skills in the manufacture of standard designs that are used in the unique bespoke instruments that they have become famous for.  

Roger chooses working methods that help him and his small team make the best possible instruments, and at least 95% or their work is “at the bench”, working on individual instruments, by hand. The workshop facilities have been developed and refined for over forty years, because only with the best tools and equipment can human eyes and hands achieve ever higher levels of craftsmanship.