Maker's Philosophy

I have a particular view of guitar making. I believe it is a “calling”, a lifelong passion, a desire to reach ever higher standards. A musical instrument should have its makers personality in every component part, and he has a duty to leave behind some contribution to his art, as has every maker before him.

It is essential to me that the guitar is made totally within my own workshop under my own close control. I believe hand skills are the best way of interpreting natural materials, and that the finest facilities and materials make it possible to reach the highest standards, but are secondary to the structural design of the instrument. Guitar making is about the pursuit of excellence in design, construction, and of course, sound.

At Fylde, at least 95% of our work is at the bench, dedicated craftsmen working with traditional hand tools. The workshop has the best possible facilities and amazing stocks of the finest materials. The designs are the result of broad technical training and research, with fifty years of experience and development working alongside the world’s finest musicians. Nobody does it better.