Making a choice

There is so much information - adverts, slogans, websites, reviews, so much choice of materials, inlays, shapes. So many friends advising and salesmen pressuring, some instruments you never get to see, but others that are available in every shop. How is it possible to make the right choice?

A good guitar should show itself by its sound and playability, but playing for brief periods in a noisy environment might not be enough to tell you everything you need to know. A huge bass response might cover up a weak middle range. Volume and all the different aspects of tone need to balance, or one will work against the other. A guitar that sound good in the shop might not be good for performance or for recording. Inlays and decorations might be important to you, but should not take preference over music.

Researching the makers history and philosophy might help you to understand what to expect as the guitar develops with time. Knowing which artists and which recordings use certain guitars is a good way of hearing what everybody else will hear. Studying the makers client list will tell you just how well the guitars have been tested.

Listen to the guitar and the story as carefully as you can, then follow your heart