The orchestral Viola has its direct fretted equivalent as a “Mandola”, (sometimes called a “Tenor” Mandola), which is a similar size, and tuned the same way, CGDA.

The fretted mandolin “Family“ has at least  one extra member, in between the Mandola and Cello in size, and typically tuned one octave below the mandolin, GDAE. The range of instruments in this category is quite large, but all of them can be called “Octave Mandolins”, or sometimes-“ Big Body Mandolins”

The problem is partly solved by calling the larger instruments “Bouzoukis” because of their origins in the Greek instrument. 

The shorter scale instruments can then be referred to as “Octave Mandolins”, which is technically correct but sometimes causes confusion.  The answer was to describe them as “Octave Mandolas” because they can also be strung and tuned CGDA, an octave below the  “Tenor” mandola

The “Portuguese Mandola” is a hybrid, unique to Fylde, a mixture of the Mandola and a Portuguese Guitar.