The workshop

End grafts

As a general rule, I dont like to use “end grafts”  or “wedges” at the bottom  joint between the two sides. I know lots of makers always use them, often along with extra inlays to add value and as a mark of their “skill”, but as with lots of other things, I don’t see it that way. The end graft is a piece of wood that is fitted into the gap between the ends of the sides when the sides are placed in the mould. I don’t want to have a gap!  Also, I don’t want to see unnecessary adornment, Id rather allow the customer to see the joint and keep everything simple.

To get a perfect joint is of course a matter of skill, but a perfect match of the grain also requires perfectly quartered wood that is big enough to be able to select  the best parts.  It doesn’t happen often, but this picture is about as good as it gets.