The workshop

Making - by hand

"95% of our work is at the bench, by hand, but nothing can be achieved without tools."

We choose methods that help us make the best possible instruments, working by hand is sometimes the only way. At other times, accuracy or heavy work requires a different approach. Human eyes and hands can achieve remarkable things, but nothing can be made without the proper tools.

Around the workshop are a wide variety of special jigs and tools - many of them unique to Fylde - all of them purpose built by Roger to meet our needs. Without them, maintaining quality and consistency would be impossible.

These tools complement the skills of the individual craftsman, they serve to relieve menial physical work and allow them to accomplish far higher levels of precision than would otherwise be possible. Even with the help of machines for heavy work, around 95% of our time is “at the bench”, working on individual instruments by hand.

We also have a computer controlled mill that can perform any number of complex operations entirely by itself. Such machines have recently formed the backbone of guitar making even in some one man workshops, but introduction into our own system has been very slow. So far, we only make truss rod covers by CNC, and hope to cut fret slots in the near future.