King John Bass

I was so pleased to get hold of this, we made it for a local customer in 1988, and obviously he didn't get to grips with it, as it turned up in the town music shop. It's not the sort of thing you would put on show in a small window display in Penrith, and they were not likely to sell it, so I made them an offer, and they said yes!

I love the sound of an acoustic bass guitar, particularly when played fast with a pic, check out Phil Murray and Stu Luckley. This will sit quite happily in my office and will raise a lot of interest at any show we go to.

I think this is the last of this model bass we made, they've gone out of fashion a little. We made it in two versions - a "proper" one like this, 34-inch scale and a long neck, and a more compact version, still 34-inch scale, but with a shorter neck. This one works best and is fun to watch being played by a top player.

It is for sale - and that is where it gets really interesting. To make one new, now, would cost over £3,000, without a case. I would probably ask £1500 for this bass.  It comes with a fitted Calton case, worth about £1000, so I have to be creative. I would accept £2,300 for the bass and case together or would consider selling them separately.