• Second hand Bouzouki for sale
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Second hand Bouzouki for sale

A Bouzouki with a history! It's been round the world more than once with its current owner , who is a Maritime Historian and author

This is a long scale  Arch Top bouzouki, Mahogany and Cedar, made in 1998

It started life as right-handed;  we converted it to left-handed many years ago and it seems the best idea to offer it that way, there must be somebody out there?

But we could easily change it back if asked, at no extra charge.

It comes complete with case. Unison stringing. We've done some minor work on it and it's in excellent condition.

For sale at £2700.00 - SOLD

It belongs to Steve Ragnall: "Wonderful memories will stay with me, having taken it round the world more than once when travelling as a guest speaker aboard cruise ships. It always attracted people – those who asked what it was (and couldn’t believe there was such a thing as an Irish Bouzouki), and those in the know who noted it was a Fylde. I don’t think I ever did it full justice as a player but it enthused and improved me".

I'll say more about that later on.

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