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Small Falstaff DSCF1064

Small Falstaff for sale

We don't list this model on the price list, as I haven't yet decided if I want to make my life even more complicated.

The first of these was made for Megan Henwood, everybody knew she wanted a new guitar, but nobody knew what it should be. I thought a lot about her music and playing style and made an executive decision. It worked out well, Megan was very pleased and calls that guitar "Rosie".

After that, I was asked for different versions of that guitar as special orders and I've seen some very favourable comments on various newsgroups.

All the timbers and specifications of this guitar are exactly the same as the standard Falstaff except the body size, which is 17 mm shorter, 26mm narrower, and 13mm shallower

It's a very successful and comfortable design, with the same broad tonal spectrum as its big brother, just maybe a little quieter.

This one was made in 2020, and has since lived in the USA, and in Germany, but is now back in the UK, belonging to a well-known international artist who I think has owned more custom instruments, from different makers, than anyone I have ever known.

It's in excellent condition, and it's for Sale at £3900

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