• Twins For Sale
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    Twin 1
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    Twin 1
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    Twin 1
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    Twin 1
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    Twin 2
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    Twin 2
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    Twin 2
  • 9263-LC0A5558_1
    Twin 2

Twins for sale.

A small deviation from the "Oliver" film - "Boy for sale" etc, or perhaps even "You gotta pick a picker or two"?

You can buy both guitars if you wish, but I am offering them separately. To good, warm, caring homes with plenty of gruel of course. If someone called Nancy is interested, I might offer a discount. If your name is Bill, maybe don't bother (sorry Bill, not you).

Two Ariel guitars, identical in specification, and nearly identical even in details. The back and sides are consecutive cuts of Claro Walnut, the soundboards are consecutive cuts of Sinker Redwood. In the photographs they appear slightly different. In real life, it's very hard to tell them apart.

The idea started off as a guitar to sell in aid of the Ullapool Guitar Festival (HOORAY), more of that later. I was also running a little late in "available now" guitars for the website, so it made sense to make two, and offer a choice. You never know, maybe some rich uncle will buy them both.

I took advantage of the situation to test two slightly different finishing schedules, we know which is which is, but I don't think anyone else will be able to tell.


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