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Olive Wood Ariel1 - DSCF1327

Olive Wood Ariel

If you search for Olive wood, you will find "Olivewood Wood," which is rather annoying. The tree is called an Olive Tree, not an Olivewood Tree.

There aren't many guitars made from Olive, the timber is incredibly wild grained and doesn't have many straight and wide sections, or even many sections that are big enough. But the tree grows in the most inhospitable climates and isn't likely to become endangered any time soon as it has so many uses - what on earth would you put in your Martini’s?

This guitar was made in 2014, The finish is like new, and no fret wear.

The back and Sides are Olive Wood, the top is Sinker Redwood. There is a lot of Ebony, apart the fingerboard, bridge and bindings, the reclaimed mahogany neck is laminated with a centre section of Ebony and the headstock “ears” are also ebony, as if the appearance of the guitar were not compelling enough.

It belongs to Jon Thorne, Bass player with Lamb, James Yorkston and sometime musical partner of Danny Thompson and of course, John Smith.

I know him mostly through his time with John Smith. Jon had a Fylde Acoustic Bass for a while, which you can see in this twelve-year-old clip. he has now given up everything except upright bass, and has no need for an acoustic guitar, even one as nice as this.

There are a number of Ariel collectors out there so that might be a little cheap, despite constant pressure I'm still resisting the high price guitar thing.

I'm very interested to see who responds, there isn't likely to be another one of these.

It comes complete with its own highly authenticated case!

The guitar is for sale at £ 3,900 - SOLD

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