Strap Pins


If you need a strap pin at the heel of your guitar, please read the following before you start. If in any doubt, use an experienced repair person, or contact us for advice.

There is only one position for the strap pin that satisfies all the requirements of strength, and convenience. We recommend that strap pins are fixed on the underside of the heel of the instrument, this position is secure and practical, and does not interfere with playing. The endcap of the heel or side of the instrument are not usually strong enough.

On guitars, it is important that the screw holding the strap pin avoids hitting the metal components inside the heel of the neck. The best way is to drill the hole in the position indicated, (in the thicker part of the heel about 40mm from the underside of the fingerboard), stop drilling if the drill hits metal, then use the drill bit to measure the depth of the hole. The screw may need to be shortened and repointed before fitting.


On mandolins, mandolas etc, there are no metal components in the heel. Drill the right size hole and fit the pin on the underside of the heel or in the middle of the heel, as suits.

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