Some 'components' - truss rods, kerfed linings and mandolin sides are made in small batches. Other items need to be treated differently, so guitar soundboards for instance are individually assembled, the bracing carefully shaped by hand, then fitted one at a time to the sides and back before being put into a small batch for binding, sanding and finishing.

Guitar necks are shaped by hand, and fitted to the body individually rather than made to one standard that will fit everything. The final quality check and set up is again one at a time, each guitar adjusted individually according to its character and "feel" rather than against a set of templates or measurements.

A custom order will often share many of the same components and procedures as a standard instrument. Most of the construction will take place in a quiet corner one at a time, before re-joining its more humble companions for certain operations, then more individual attention before being passed back for the finishing stages.

Working this way makes the best use of our skills and equipment, and enables us to keep to the quality standards we have set ourselves.

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