Skills and experience

Building acoustic instruments is in some ways the pinnacle of woodworking expertise and many of our staff over the years have had previous experience in 'fine woodworking'. There is also an engineering aspect to much of the work we do, measuring with micrometers rather than a ruler, and matching component parts with a precision than is not usually attempted with timber components.

The further skills needed are not easily obtained, and there is no substitute for experience. Working in a small team with members specialising in one area of work is the best way to acquire those skills, to maintain and improve them over a period of time, and to ensure that each component and every stage of production is of the highest possible standard.

Roger has been building guitars for 60 years, professionally for 46. Over 9000 Fylde instruments to date - many of them for professional and semi-professional musicians. This wealth of experience is of major significance and relevance to our customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We are proud of our abilities and skills.

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