Malaysian Blackwood Falstaff

We made a very similar guitar for Ullapool last year but sold it before we even got to the festival, so I thought it would be a good idea to make another one, and it raised a lot of interest.

Malaysian Blackwood is a "New" timber to guitar making, there isn't a lot of it available, so it is highly prized, and is gaining a well-deserved reputation. This guitar has a master grade Swiss Pine soundboard, with some strong Bearclaw marking. The 44 mm neck is laminated from three mahogany sections and two Rosewood lines, with red borders. Notched square pearl inlays, Gotoh 510 tuners. Ebony bindings with red borders.

A strong, clear, balanced tone. A customer was playing it today and we both remarked on the tone being "round, with no sharp edges"