• Figured Mahogany 50th Anniversary Ariel for sale
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Figured Mahogany 50th Anniversary Ariel for sale

At Ullapool, we displayed the biggest variety of timber and designs that we could manage in the limited time we had, choosing unique pieces of wood for each of the anniversary celebration guitars. The Ariel design does give us a lot more choice of timber because of its small size, this time we used "Fiddle Back" heavily figured Brazilian Mahogany, quite common in Maple and Sycamore, but very rare in Mahogany. The back and sides are from the same piece of wood, which again, is rather unusual.

The top is Western Red Cedar, with fine, even grain. The neck is mahogany, laminated with red lines to match the inlays and lines on the body. 45.5 mm neck.

For sale at £4600 SOLD.

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