Fylde Guitars Christmas Concert December 2022

  • Martin Simpson The Cherry Tree Carol
  • Will McNicol El Noi di la Mare
  • George Sansome and Henry Parker In Vernali Tempore
  • Dave Holmes God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • Elliott Morriss La La La La La (Christmas Song)
  • Ben Robertson Snow Falls
  • Ken Nicol I, AS YOU, ARE HE
  • Chris Herring / Gordon Giltrap A Christmas Carol
  • Tristan Seume Fairytale of New York
  • Ben Walker. Walking in the Air

Good evening! Welcome to our 2022 Christmas concert. You might notice that we have an extra pair of feet this year, they belong to my daughter Charlotte who is helping out in various ways, and of course a special mention for Mike and Sam English, who do so much work on photographs, newsletters and general IT.  I must point out that Mike did not take the photograph at the top of this page!

All but one of these songs and tunes tonight were specially recorded for this event. Many, many thanks to everyone involved. 

Paper hats, Kazoos and song sheets are on the chairs, so find yourself a place to sit, make yourselves comfortable, sit back and enjoy.

Martin Simpson will be our host for the evening, over to you Martin.

Martin Simpson. The Cherry Tree Carol

Martin and I have spent quite a lot of 2022 discussing absolutely everything, and I look forward to more conversations in 2023. When we get everything right in the world, we will let you know. 

Will McNicol. El Noi de la Mare (trad. Catalan, arr. Miguel Llobet)

Will has begun to use microphones to make these recordings rather than internal pickups, and as usual, is getting a wonderful sound. Happy Christmas in your new home, Will.

George Sansome and Henry Parker, In Vernali Tempore

I've not met Henry yet, but I'm very grateful for his contribution to this piece. It's played on two Orsino's, one from 2018, and one from around 1975, very interesting to compare the two.

Dave Holmes. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Dave is busy again after the pandemic lockdown, he is still with the Tina Turner show and working on some new projects which I'll try and share with you. We are hoping to see some West End shows in London again some time in 2023

Elliott Morriss. La La La La La (Christmas Song)

This is actually the same song that Elliott recorded for us last year, but with a new shirt, new scarf and new snow!!

Mulled wine is available at the back of the room for all of you who are not driving. The Mince pies and Christmas cake have been made by members of our staff from locally sourced ingredients and are free of charge.

Quiet please, on with the show:

Ben Robertson. Snow Falls

A John Tams song. "The Year Turns Round Again" as used in various productions, including "War Horse". Ben has invested in some softlights for his videos and is very pleased with them.

Ken Nicol. I, AS YOU, ARE HE

I, AS YOU, ARE HE”, conveys a message of connectivity, in that we are all one; it expresses the notion we are all a manifestation of consciousness, of the life-force, some might even say of God.

In the frighteningly fractured society we presently find ourselves, the recognition of what binds us together I would say is quite fitting for this time of year.

Well, you did ask!

Chris Herring/ Gordon Giltrap. A Christmas Carol

Gordon was hoping to make a contribution to this year's concert, but it's not been possible. I was thinking of him while I was searching YouTube and came across this. So, thanks Chris, and thanks Gordon, keep well.

Tristan Seume. Fairytale of New York

Good old Tris, drinking buddy and pool partner/ opponent. (What's the score now Tris?)

Whoever is winning, we'll even it up in 2023

Ben Walker. Walking in the Air

What a wonderful piece to finish off with. Getting us in the mood to venture out into the snow, into a well-deserved break and then into another year.

The End

So that's it, time to go home. Mistletoe is fixed to all the doorways just in case you meet someone you want to know on the way out.

Very best wishes to all of you, thank you for your support and friendship throughout 2022 and very best wishes for 2023.

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