Stars playing their music from the CD: Strings that Nimble Leap.

Money that Nimbly Leaps from your bank account to charity!

It’s the end of the financial year for the project, the CD has paid all its costs! So, from about January this year and onwards, each £20 purchase is £20 for the charities - Well done everybody.

Just a reminder, the charities involved are very important, particularly at the moment. Help Musicians UK, MIND and The Woodland Trust are receiving equal shares, we did consider sending a bigger proportion to the musical charity because of the current difficulties for live music, but money from Live Streaming is largely going there, and musicians are not the only people struggling.

It has been very hard work, nearly a year in putting it together, and nearly another year selling it. It has been very well received, particularly in the USA. Every time it’s mentioned on Facebook or in reviews etc, there is another little flurry of sales - so do please try and recommend it to all your friends. Once again, thank you to all the musicians involved!

John James

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Ben Walker

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Phil Cool

John Smith and Clive Carroll

Clive's website

John's website
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Tristan Seume

Tristan's Website

Elliott Morris

Elliot's Website

Nick Hooper

Nick's Website

Megan Henwood

Megan's Website

Billy Watman

Billy's website

Peter Howarth

Peter's Website

Hobson & Lees

Gordon Giltrap

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Charlotte Carrivick

The Carrivick’s website

Will McNicol and Luke Selby

Will’s site

Toby Hay

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Clive Carroll

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Vin Garbutt

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David Buckingham

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Lisa Hannigan

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