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Long Scale Archtop Bouzouki1

Longscale Archtop Bouzouki

Because chord shapes on bouzoukis can be limited, one way of playing is to slide the same fingering shape up and down the neck to produce different chord sounds. A long neck is particularly useful for this, and many players find it convenient to have a capo on the neck most of the time, removing it only for playing in lower keys. This instrument is ideal for accompanying Celtic music in a band situation. The combination of mahogany and cedar timbers for the body is a classic for rich “dark” tone. We can make this in a short scale version on request

Sapele back and sides, Cedar top, Honduras Mahogany neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome plated Gotoh tuners, Rosewood bindings, black and white purfling lines on front.

Longscale Arch Top Specification
  mm inches
Fingerboard width at nut 38 1 1/2
Scale length 668 26 5/16
String spacing at bridge 48 1 9/16
Overall length excluding strap pin 1012 39 7/8
Body width 383 15 1/16
Depth of sides at tailpin 93 3 5/8

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