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John James' 9-String Guitar for sale.

John is trying to reduce the number of guitars he owns, so he will also be selling his Alchemist soon, I'll tell you about that later. He will be left with his two main Fyldes and I'll keep pushing him for more videos.

This nine-string is basically an Oberon, Indian Rosewood and Engelmann Spruce, made specially for him in 2010. In some ways it's similar to other nine strings we have made, but the double strings are on the treble rather than the bass strings. The results are obvious in the video. I love the way John plays the top strings with both thumb and finger, up and down, such a light touch and seemingly effortless.

John wanted the guitar to help explore Welsh harp tunes alongside his better-known ragtime pieces. He used it to write and record "Roger's Roundhouse" for the Fylde Charity CD "Strings that Nimble Leap", which of course is still available.

Did I mention it's for charity?

CD "Strings that Nimble Leap".

We've done a little setting up and restrung the guitar, it didn't need anything else. It's unique and in very good condition. Someone is going to be a very lucky, happy, inspired guitarist.

For sale at £4,500

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