• Walnut Short scale 12 Fret Leonardo For Sale.
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Walnut Short scale 12 Fret Leonardo For Sale.

If you think you have seen this before, you might be right, it's more or less the same guitar as Ben Walker's "Roll Over Leonardo" from two months ago.  Actually, we started to make this one first, but I forgot that Ben needed a bevel on the soundboard edge, so rather than modify the work we had already done, we started another one for Ben and we've now managed to finish this one. It has figured Claro Walnut back and sides with Rosewood bindings bordered by red lines, the neck is laminated from three pieces of Walnut with a 45mm nut.  A very fine Redwood soundboard. Plain Ebony fingerboard with no surface markings, side dots only just like Ben's, but we can easily install pearl dot markers if you need them, we could even install diamond markers and a pickup if you catch me in a very good mood and offer me much gold.

The guitar benefits hugely from my obsessive "acquisition" of wood. The body and neck are made from the same tree, that doesn't happen very often. It's actually my contribution to carbon capture: buy all the wood. And keep it.

As with Ben's, the construction style is unusual in several ways. Although it's a standard Leonardo body, this guitar has a short (629mm) scale length, and the neck joins at the 12th fret rather than the usual 14th. I've talked about the benefits of that many times: the bridge position is one of the most important factors in any guitar's tone and the neck is much stronger and better supported against the leverage of the strings. Plus- it's a very comfortable combination when playing sitting down, made even better in the Leonardo because of the slightly shallow body. It really is a very special guitar.

For sale at £6,950.00 


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