Tristan Seume's Guitar

Tris is fairly sensible about guitars; he traded this one in to buy his new fan fret. (see the October's News page)

It's a Custom Alexander, made in 2010. 44.7 mm. neck, 629 mm scale length. Siricote sides, and Siricote back, with an Indian Rosewood centre section. One-piece Mahogany neck, Western Red Cedar top. Headway FEQ pickup. There are a few small dents on the soundboard, but I'd say it's in very good condition.

It would cost about £5,000 to make now.

For sale at £3,500 including a new case!

I'm prepared to discuss the price, but it's important that it finds a good home, with good food, a proper bedroom, not too warm, not too cold, probably a few other guitars of a similar age to play with, and gentle loving parents who won't shout when it stays out late at "sessions".