• Pre-owned Alcemist For Sale
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Pre-owned Alchemist for sale

This was made in 2000, and owned since then by two professional musicians, the first of whom named her "Alisa". I'm not sure how you go about changing the name of a guitar for a new owner - is it by deed poll? Moira say it is often done by marriage- would that work?

Alisa has been well used, (what a terrible form of words for a lady) but is in excellent condition, we've re-fretted "her", fitted a new bridge and tidied up most of her tiny blemishes using guitar makers Botox and delicate, painless cosmetic surgery. The original Headway pickup is still working perfectly. It also has a clear scratch plate, just to prove that there are no scratches underneath.

It's difficult to decide on a price. New, it would be £4,400, with a two-year wait. I think £3,200 would be a good deal for both sides.


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