A series of videos about how we build Fylde Instruments

A quick'ish Worshop Tour

Shaping a Mandolin neck

The factory inspector won't like a lot of this. Oh well, who's going to see it? I'm sure you won't tell him.

I made the drawknife from an old planer blade more than twenty years ago. It's a beautiful, sensual tool to work with and as long as the wood grain is reasonably "friendly" I can get very close to the finished shape with the drawknife alone, just allowing a fraction for the final sanding. The neck shape is very important, critical even, and I think the video makes it look a lot easier than it is, but I've shaped about eight thousand necks this way over a period of fifty years, and it's one of my favourite jobs.

A machine does not gain any experience or learn any new skills, not even the very expensive Fadal VMC which you can see in the background, which I've had for twenty years, but apart from a few truss rod covers has never been used. I can't get  it out now without taking the roof off.

Creating a guitar neck

Fitting A Guitar Neck

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