• Remi Harris. Winter Wonderland
  • Tristan Seume. 2000 miles.
  • Fifty years of Fylde Guitars Video
  • Jule Malischke. Stille Nacht
  • Louis Campbell. In the Bleak Midwinter
  • Dave Holmes. The Sussex Carol
  • Ben Robertson. So Much Wine
  • The Altai Band. Jingle Bells
Merry Christmas!

Well, that's it. Our 50th year is just about finished. We've all gone to the pub and left the guitars and their friends to have a little party by themselves. Two of them are teetotallers.

Here's a little happy music to get our party started.

Remi Harris. Winter Wonderland

A really happy jolly way to start the party . Just one guitar, that’s all we need.

Remi's Website

Tristan Seume. 2000 miles.

Tris is the narrator for a good part of the 50-year video coming up.  He’s been a massive support for us over the years, thanks Tris.

Tristan's Website

Fifty years of Fylde Guitars Video

I was hoping to have the complete video available today, but it’s not ready. Sorry. I think I assumed that Sam didn’t need sleep or food, silly me.

Here is the latest “Trailer” giving you some idea of the scale of the project. It’s different and quite a bit longer than the one we showed two months ago.

For the final edit, we have  contributions from: Gordon Giltrap, Martin Carthy. Nic Jones, Eric Bibb, Megan Henwood, John Smith, Troy Donockley, Richard Hawley, Martin Simpson, Chris While, Ken Nicol, Adam Palma, Will McNicol, Clive Carroll, David Mead, Remi Harris, Peter Howarth, David Holmes, Ken Nicol, Chris While, Jule Malischke, Ben Walker, Peter Howarth and Seth Lakeman.

Plus, workshop videos, snippets from myself and archive material from five decades of guitar making. You’ll now be able to watch ‘Where Eagles Dare’ at Christmas instead and look at the complete thing when its finished in the new year. It will be worth the wait. I’m a tease aren’t I? I do like a bit of tension.

Jule Malischke. Stille Nacht

Jule played this to us at home a few months ago. We were in the conservatory late one night, lights out, candles lit, and Moira asked if she knew it. She did. Lovely.

Jule's Website

Louis Campbell. In the Bleak Midwinter

Louis arranged this specially for this newsletter. What good friends we have! 

Louis' Website

Dave Holmes. The Sussex Carol

Dave manages to  squeeze video time for us in between his sessions at the Tina Turner  show. He has quite a selection of Fyldes . I wonder if Tina would help us next year?

Dave's Website

Ben Robertson. So Much Wine

Ben was worried that this isn’t exactly a Christmas song, but it is, probably more so for some than others.

Ben's Website

The Altai Band. Jingle Bells

I want this band to come and play in my garden.   I wonder if we could book them at Ullapool?


So that‘s it for another year. It’s been a very eventful one, full of  challenges and surprises, but very successful, and we already have  new exciting things to tell you about . You’ll have to wait.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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