Guitar Maker or Luthier?

I have been waging a one-man war against the word "Luthier" for a long time now. 

The word "Luthier" is French, "one who makes Lutes", but is used throughout Europe to describe a maker or repairer of any stringed instrument, including violins, harps etc. Around 1975, it started being used in America by newer, younger guitar makers, partly to differentiate themselves from the larger companies who dominated the industry and held a lot of the "knowledge". 

The word has now been adopted as if it were a qualification, sometimes with "master" added to it, although no exams, training or even experience is involved. I think it is "disingenuous", an attempt to sound superior, and I think it covers up amateurism and lack of knowledge. 

To me it's a bit like saying "campanologist" rather than "bell ringer", or “couturier” rather than “dressmaker”, unnecessary and pretentious. Even some larger companies and experienced makers now call themselves Luthiers. 

I won't give up easily, and I’m not the only maker who thinks like this. One last comment - I’ve been stopped for speeding in the UK and the USA, each time by a policeman, never a gendarme.

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