Making the best possible guitars starts with the design and materials. They are brought together by the skills of the maker, and the facilities available to him. All of these factors improve indefinitely with time and experience and are all dependent upon each other.

The designs of our instruments have evolved over more than 40 years. We have led the way in some areas and taken advantage of centuries of tradition in others. Some features are common to all our instruments, leading to a recognisable “character” which every maker aspires to. Even a radical new design incorporates basic principles which have been proven over a wide range of situations.

Many of our standard models have evolved from 'one off' instruments built by Roger for a particular customer.

Every design draws upon those years of experience, so that new models and custom orders are born from lessons learnt with earlier models. A slight change of dimension and timber to emphasise certain tonal qualities, or a different style of neck for a particular playing style. Sometimes different inlays and fittings to complement the beauty of the natural materials, or a simple plain approach to achieve maximum value for money. Our range of designs now includes instruments for every taste and every style of music.

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