50 Years of Fylde Guitars

A celebration: 50 years of Roger Bucknall making the finest guitars and mandolin family of instruments. Featuring: Eric Bibb; Clive Carroll; Troy Donockley; Martin Carthy; Gordon Giltrap; Remi Harris; Richard Hawley; Megan Henwood; David Holmes; Peter Howarth; Seth Lakeman; Jule Malischke; Will McNicol; David Mead; Ken Nicol; Adam Palma; Martin Simpson; John Smith; Pete Townshend; Ben Walker and Chris While. THE TEAM at FYLDE GUITARS; Alex Reay; Paul Ferrie; Moira Bucknall and of course Roger Bucknall MBE.

Narrated by Trisan Seume and a cameo appearance by Stefan Sobell.

Six months work ( 50 years work! ) Condensed into 80 minutes. It’s finally finished and I’m so impressed with the result. Well done Sam. It is a little emotional here and there, so many memories, old friends, new friends. Some lovely things said, wonderful music played. I’ll say it again. Fifty Years. Whatever next? Thank you to everybody; players, customers, friends, family. Much the same thing to me really.


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