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7/8ths Guitar

I'm going to encourage the idea of buying a Christmas present for yourself. That's what this is - an engineering friend who travels a lot decided that he could manage being away from his wife, but he just had to have a guitar with him everywhere he goes. That's both him and me in trouble. It’s an Alchemist body shape, shrunk to the size of a tenor guitar, then shrunk again until it balanced the 21inch scale, with the overall length shrunk even further by using a 12th fret neck joint, and even a slightly shrunken headstock. Overall, its just 34 inches long, and it’s having a custom made case to go with it. It is incredibly comfortable to play, and because it’s small, it is also light and responsive. I'm talking to Lord Giltrap about something similar, it’s always good to be working on something different. 

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