• 7 String Nylon for John Breese
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7-string Nylon for John Breese

These pictures might be a little below our usual standard. It was me behind the lens this time, Mike English was operating me by remote control from a long way away. Apparently, my hands shake a bit, there's a surprise. It's when they stop moving at all that I will worry.

It's a 7-string classical guitar (low B). and it's rather nice. I didn’t take any detail shots though, which is a shame, as the headstock and tuners in particular worked out rather well.

We made it for John Breese who plays banjo and bass with Charlotte Carrivick (who is now his wife), and in various other bands. I met him when “Cardboard Fox” came to visit the workshop.

John studied Classical guitar at Southampton university with Vincent Lindsey-Clark, where he won the highest distinction mark for his performance at Master's level so I'm trusting him to make good use of it.

This is John and Charlotte playing together, Charlotte with her custom Falstaff and John on banjo. I'm looking forward to seeing him play the new guitar.

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