• Acacia Ariel
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Acacia Ariel

The back and sides of this guitar are made from Acacia wood, which we brought back from Italy a few years ago.

From there on it is a bit of a mystery, as I don’t know “which” Acacia it is, there are over a thousand different species. I should have asked when I bought it. One of the most famous species is reputed to have been used to build Noah’s ark - so maybe you can own a guitar with biblical connections, and it will float and rescue you in heavy rain. Another species is Tasmanian Blackwood, and another is Hawaiian Koa, all are members of the pea family, so you could have a guitar made out of Peawood.

The top is Sinker Redwood, with a certain iridescence, which is enhanced by a peculiarity of the filler I used in the finishing process.

It has Tulipwood bindings and head veneer, the neck is mahogany salvaged from a Snooker table, with a centre section from my collection of “Mystery Wood”, woodia unknownius, and an Ebony fingerboard and bridge.

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