• Archtop f-hole
  • 288A1989
  • 288A2010
  • 288A1993
  • 288A2013
  • 288A1992
  • 288A2001

Archtop f-hole

This guitar is one of a pair, identical except for the soundhole shape and internal bracing, but supplied to two different customers.

Completely hand made, these guitars took about eight years altogether, including the final conditioning of the timber which was acquired specially.  The process was interrupted many times by other projects.   

Despite the time and effort involved, once most of the heavy carving was done, the work on these was a pleasure, and both customers were very pleased indeed. The guitars drew generous praise from everybody at Ullapool. What a pity they are sold, and have to go away to their new homes. Maybe they will come back and visit their birth parents from time to time.

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