• Blackwood Alexander
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Blackwood Alexander

A little deviation from my usual approach.  It's a long time since I used Sitka spruce on a short scale guitar; most of my customers prefer the warmer sound of a softer timber, or a longer scale to take advantage of the stiffer timber. But - it's an exceptional piece of wood, very stiff, and lovely grain. It's size and pattern suit the Alexander size very nicely, I've worked it rather thinner than usual to get extra response, and put it together with incredibly dark African Blackwood back and sides to get maximum projection. It's a very "clear" sound, lots and lots of overtones in all the right places, and lots of "headroom", very very nice indeed.

I've blinged it up a little with Snakewood bindings, and blue coloured lines, which caused me no end of trouble!   It is quite breathtaking to look at, one of the nicest guitar we have made.

45mm fingerboard to meet most players needs.


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