• Bog Oak Falstaff
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Bog Oak Falstaff PS CF002582

Bog Oak Falstaff

Perhaps forty years ago, I began to take notice of this timber when the Fenlands were being ploughed up and drained. At the time I couldn't obtain any of the wood to try out in guitars, but it is now available in small quantities. I've been careful about it because I know how difficult Oak can be, both in stability and in the finishing process.

I've become quite a fan while making this guitar, unlike most Oak, the grain structure doesn't swallow endless amounts of lacquer, and the wood stays just where you put it while bending and bracing.

It looks glorious, having been buried for about 4,000 years, you probably can't see the full effect of the Medullary Rays in the pictures because it is so dark, but you will get just a hint.

The top is fine Italian Spruce with Mosaic purflings. The 44mm neck is laminated from three mahogany sections, with two ebony lines. Pearl Diamonds on the Ebony fingerboard, Gotoh 510 tuners, Ebony bindings with red borders. A dramatic guitar, big sound, very resonant.


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