• Bog Oak in lockdown
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Bog Oak in lockdown

We made these four instruments as a "set" and I wanted to include a mandolin to make it look like a family. I knew they would make a wonderful picture. Was I right?

Yes, I was, thank you.

Bog Oak back and sides, Sinker Redwood soundboards, Snakewood bindings with red borders. Ebony fingerboards with Abalone diamond inlays. Gotoh 510 tuners. All of the necks are made from one board of very old Brazilian Mahogany with centre sections from another similar board and red and black lines to match and complement the bodies.

The mandolin was made from the "offcuts" of the three guitars. Each side is two tapered sections, and the back is four sections, all divided by thin red lines. A child with three parents.

Stunning instruments. Once again Mike English cursed the dark woods (well, he cursed me really) but produced wonderful pictures anyway.

The idea was to display them at the Ullapool Guitar Festival in October, along with a number of other specially built instruments, but now that the festival has been postponed, I am free to sell them straightaway.

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