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Chris Difford 1-LC0A4547

Chris Difford's Guitar

Chris is playing near us this week, so hopefully will collect his new guitar and we'll be able to see and hear it on stage.

This is rather unusual for us, lots of Abalone inlay and an unusual shape. It's a slightly fattened "Goodfellow". I don't get much time to do this sort of work nowadays, so I usually resist such requests, but it's nice once in a while. Nevertheless, the guitar was taking a long time to complete, so I took advantage of the opportunity to spread the skills a little and had Paul do the inlay, I think he's rather proud of himself.

I'm not sure how Chris managed to persuade me to make this, I think it was a long series of gentle requests like "how would you feel about …", and "how about going the extra mile …" , and "one more thing …", so that I didn't really notice quite how far we had gone! But - it’s lovely and sounds glorious.

Chris tested it out for a few weeks before asking for the fingerboard inlays, and Chris's sound engineer is particularly impressed - with the sound, and the inlays!

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