• Cliff Richard's ''Jumbo''
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Cliff Richard's "Jumbo"

This is the webpage for inlay isn’t it?

I made this for Gordon Giltrap in about 1976; he used it to record "Heartsong" which of course was the theme to the "Holiday Programme".  When Gordon toured with Cliff for the "Heathcliffe" project, Cliff fell in love with this guitar, so Gordon gave it to him as a gift. What can I say?

Cliff used it for a about 20 years then loaned it back to Gordon, and Gordon is being a little slow in letting it go back.  Sensible man.

Its Brazilian Rosewood from a long time ago, and strong grained German Spruce. I hadn’t discovered American timbers at that time, and they were not available anyway.  The fingerboard inlay is a vine made from silver, with engraved pearl leaves.

There are a number of ways of doing this sort of work; this was all done with a tiny chisel, very slowly.  My favourite part of this guitar is the headstock, no routers or sanders, two levels of veneer, each one separately veneered and bordered. I think I'll give the idea another go one day.

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