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Cricket bat guitar CF002754

Cricket Bat Guitar

Dave Holmes, lead guitarist with the Tina Turner Show, and with many West End musicals. is the guy who helps us get tickets for all the best shows in London and is a massive Fylde fan. He has four (so far).

He had the job of playing a cricket bat shaped electric guitar for the World Cup final at Lords. Every time a wicket fell or a 6 was hit, he was blasting out heavy metal riffs.

Moira and I listened to all of that match while sitting in the car at Whitby, and I started having some very strange ideas

So here it is, just to prove that it works. The sound is mostly from the Fishman Problend pickup.

I've been trying to find a decent acoustic version of “Bat out of Hell" to share. Fortunately for you, I've failed.

Dave now has the “batar”.  "Jerusalem" has been sung at the start of every England cricket match since 2004, so Dave has recorded that and he is trying to think of more cricket related tunes for the future. Bat music.

There is also an insect, called the Jerusalem Cricket.


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