• Eric Bibb’s Ariel
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Eric Bibb’s Ariel

Eric is constantly travelling, building up his air miles to buy new guitars, but of course struggling to keep his guitars safe. He tries hard to keep one with him in the plane cabin, and asked me to make him a smaller one that would make the flight attendants a bit more cooperative. Message from Eric to all flight attendants- you are all wonderful, good looking, hard working, efficient and incredibly helpful human beings.

Somewhere in the “Fylde Book” is a picture of Eric admiring a piece of Purpleheart timber. Since that day, he has wanted a purple guitar to go with his pink one, his black one, his red one, etc etc. That was a large part of the inspiration for this guitar ~ colour. Purpleheart back and sides, Seqouia Redwood top, African Blackwood bindings with blue dyed lines, gold tuners. Inside the guitar there is white, brown and probably yellow. Next time you see him, ask Eric for “I can sing a rainbow...” No, don’t.

The sound is sort of “explosive”, (best not to mention that to the airline), Seqouia being so light and stiff, it responds immediately, helped by the “classical” bridge position right in the centre of the lower bouts. Not a guitar to be played hard, maybe sitting on a suitcase, singing quietly while waiting for the Volcano ash cloud to clear.

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