• Eric Bibb's Macassar Ebony Alexander
  • Front (EB-E)
  • Back-2 (EB-E)
  • Headstock (EB-E)
  • Back (EB-E2)
Front (EB-E)

Erc Bibb's Macassar Ebony Alexander

Eric Bibb is one of our favourite artists, he asked for a guitar with a Cedar top. That’s all he said, so it became one of those jobs where Roger could have a little fun. Macassar Ebony is not as hard or heavy as you might expect, rather more fibrous than better known Ebonies. A Cedar top will always give a smooth gentle tone, and the weight of this back and sides darkens that tone even more, leaving any edginess behind but reinforcing the power and volume. This was the first Alexander sized guitar to have a long scale length, a combination that is becoming a common request where extra tension and potential are needed, and the player does not mind the extra work!

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