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Pink Ivory4a

Eric Bibb's Pink Ivory Baritone

This guitar was built for Eric Bibb, after he had seen a Fylde guitar of the same materials and needed a Baritone guitar to match the range of his voice. It has a long scale length and heavy strings to deal with the low C# tuning.

Yes ~ Pink, its not a spelling mistake, and its not stained, but its not Ivory either. (Did you ever see an elephant with pink tusks?) This is the natural colour of a very unusual African timber. Pink Ivory is exceptionally hard and fine grained, only rarely available in pieces large and good enough for top quality guitars and increasingly sought after for that purpose. It is one of the World’s rarest timbers but not as yet over exploited. This particular set is highly figured and quite exceptional.

The Cedar top was chosen to soften the brightness in tone of the back and sides and is a wonderful complement, particularly to the low tuning. To add a little more detail there are Tulipwood bindings with fine black borders, and mother of pearl diamond inlays in the Ebony fingerboard.

The neck is Honduras Mahogany with central laminations of Pink Ivory and Ebony.

Eric calls it Pinky.

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