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Gordon Giltrap Mini Guitar

This idea has been brewing between GG and myself for quite some time. Gordon loves to stretch himself over many different styles of guitar and has made very good use of a small guitar in the past. I think he sort of issued a challenge to me over this without putting it in quite in those words. It usually goes something like this - “Rog, what do you think about …?”

The back and sides are very very old Brazilian Rosewood, deep chocolatey brown, from the stock of Harald Petersen, once a well-regarded classical maker from the Lake District. Most of it was far too small, or full of wormholes, cracks etc, but these pieces were perfect for the job.

The soundboard is Sinker Redwood that Moira and I brought back from Mendocino, California. Again, it’s a small piece, but wonderful quality, stiff and resonant.

Rosewood bindings. Laminated Mahogany neck with black and red lines. 515 mm scale Ebony fingerboard with notched square abalone inlays (and a cheeky little bit of colour!). The neck is a copy of a Fylde GG model, 46 mm wide at the nut, and the same taper, but because of the short scale, the string spacing at the bridge is less than normal. Gordon can play anything.

The bevel/cutaway was formed from four layers of black veneer, moulded “round the corner”, to remove the ugly, pointy, sharp bit.

The tone is huge, lively and full. It probably doesn’t need a pickup, but it has a K&K just in case.

I can’t wait to hear it live.


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