• Guitar for Henry Olsen. “The Rio Leo”
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008530-201
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo  CF008561-201
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008535-201
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008563-201
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008539-201
  • Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008568-201
Bevelled Rio Leonardo CF008530-201

Guitar for Henry Olsen. “The Rio Leo”

Henry first got in touch some years ago, asking about a slightly “off the wall” project, I tried to talk him out it, so he went to Alan Beardsall instead. That will teach me. (probably not). Now things have come full circle, as they often do, and after some intervention by Hugh Burns, several meetings and a lot of discussion, here we are.

Henry made his mark with Primal Scream.  He has now quietened down a little bit, he expresses himself in gentler ways but still has a wild streak - just look at this guitar.

Based on a Leonardo. Wild grained and strongly coloured Brazilian Rosewood, figured Sitka Spruce, Bocote neck with Mahogany centre section and red inlay lines, Burr Yew for the bindings and bevels back and front, all bordered with red lines. Plain Ebony fingerboard with Pink Ivory bindings, Partidgewood bridge, Tulipwood head veneer with Cocobolo truss rod cover.

DPA mic with built in XLR jack, Gotoh 510 tuners. Quite an exotic package. Henry is a lovely guy, I’ve enjoyed every minute of this project.

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