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John Smith meets Hans Solo

John has finally managed to collect his new guitar, after nearly losing it to everyone who has visited here over the last two months. He asked for a number of features, I added a few more, and here it is - Lisa Hannigan has dubbed it "The Millennium Falcon".

It's an eight string, Baritone, Fan Fret Resonator guitar. An Octobar Resofan no less, feel free to play around with that name as much as you wish.  The back and sides are Macassar Ebony, probably the wildest looking pieces I had. The top is stripy Cedar. John does like the exotic, but he didn’t like my suggestion of gold plating. I should have done it without telling him; it's not like me to miss a chance like that.  John calls me a "mad old badger", which is ok this week, as the cull isn’t starting until next year. I realise that anyone reading that in the future may not understand, but that’s not my problem. 

John has been recording a new album, so watch out for the next Star Wars movie "The Return of the Smith"  

I hope some of you get that joke, I'm quite proud of it.

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