• Macassar Magician
  • Maccassar Magician CF008482-201
  • Maccassar Magician CF008501-201
  • Maccassar Magician CF008489-201
  • Maccassar MagicianCF008503-201
  • Maccassar Magician CF008490-201
Maccassar Magician CF008482-201

Macassar Magician

A very special order. Macassar Ebony back and sides, Sinker Redwood top. Mahogany neck laminated with walnut and Ebony. Macassar headstock veneer. Macassar bindings and arm bevel, framed by gold lines. Abalone diamond inlays with a personal inlay and various personal features. Big, deep, dark and dramatic, in appearance and in sound.

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