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Custom Leonardo

It's an ill wind etc. The current circumstances are bringing lots of extra orders, and many people want to spend their enforced free time playing guitars, but inevitably, there have been problems, hence - we have a spare guitar.

It's brand new, a beautiful thing. Amazing quilted Maple back and sides and a lovely Cedar soundboard. 44.5mm Ebony fingerboard with Abalone Diamond inlays. Gorgeous full sound, and such a comfortable body size. We can fit a pickup if required.

It was for sale at £5,800, which is less than it would be for a new order of a similar design.

I've often told this story - in the 1970's there was a massive shortage of tonewood in this country, Maple and Cedar was all that was available to us for a while.  All those guitars were remarkable in tone - warm, rich and surprisingly loud. It's a great combination of wood, but a little out of fashion now and not chosen very often.

Gordon Giltrap's latest Signature Fylde is a similar combination, just a little smaller, and he is constantly telling me it's the best he's ever played.

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