• Maple Magician
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Maple Magician

With all the problems that hardwoods give me health wise, it really is good to come home covered in white dust rather than black or brown dust once in a while.  That really is one of the reasons that I agreed to make this guitar, and the chance to use Quilted rather than fiddle back wood took some of the "telephone stress" away. That’s what I call it - you'll understand if you have just started to bend highly figured Maple, and the telephone rings, or someone taps you on the shoulder. Think Gordon Ramsay.

Isn’t it amazing that a natural tree can offer this sort of beauty?  The bindings are Ebony, because I thought the figure in the Maple would soften the high contrast against black, where I usually find such colours rather stark.  With a Maple guitar, I do like to use Maple for the neck as well, which is all well and good if I were shaping it by machine, but its really hard work on the poor old hands, so one way or another, this guitar was a bit of a holiday for me.

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