• Megan Henwood's Ariel ''Coco''
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Megan Henwood's Ariel "Coco"

I met Megan when she was touring with Eric Bibb, after winning the Radio 2 young folk awards last year, and I discovered she is managed by my old friend Barrie Barlow from Jethro Tull, who joined Terry Pack and I in the Pack Leader electric guitar venture.   It was obvious that she has something special in her singing and song writing, but also in her very honest and pleasant stage presence, and fortunately, she was very keen on a new guitar.  I do like it when different things and influences come together,  it gives me the feeling of completeness

Megan’s father is a builder of high quality traditional boats, so we had lots to talk about, and we swapped pieces of timber. She was very keen on a lot of colour in the guitar, and actually chose some of the same Purpleheart that Eric had recently, but Megan’s guitar is nearer to a Goodfellow size with a top made from a very colourful piece of my dwindling supply of Columbian Pine from Talisker distillery. The neck is mahogany with a central Purpleheart section and two ebony lines. The guitar back has a centre section of Ebony to match.  There is a lovely swirl in the grain of the neck, just where it’s ok to have a swirl.

The bindings are Coconut. Megan calls it Coco, which has made me wish Id used a little Cocobolo as well as the Coconut.

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