• New SIngle Malt Ariel
  • Single Malt Redwood-LC1A8130-2
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Single Malt Redwood-LC1A8130-2

New Single Malt Ariel

There will never be a shortage of oak barrels, but I have run out of good looking washback vessels for the soundboards, so from now on I will be using Sinker Redwood, with a little "sunburst" added, and more conservative Ebony fingerboards and bridges, with reclaimed Mahogany for the neck.

I might even use "Rocklite Ebano" for the fingerboard, so that the whole guitar is still made from reclaimed or "eco-friendly" timber.

This really is a very striking guitar. The tone is rather more mellow than the original Single Malt.

Doesn't it look lovely?


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