• On the Edge - African Blackwood Alexander
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On the Edge - African Blackwood Alexander

It’s one of those adventures into the unknown that turned out very nicely, an Alexander, with African Blackwood body and Italian Spruce soundboard for a customer in the US. The unusual parts are the arm and rib bevels. The "usual" method of doing this is to fit more or less standard bindings, and apply a wider veneer to a chamfered edge. This results in each binding being made from three pieces of wood, and I didn’t want that.  On this guitar, the bindings were bent from single pieces of figured Walnut about 20mm by 10mm, shaped and fitted into a rather complex rebate, not at all easy. Walnut is lovely to bend, but if the bevel had been just another millimetre wider or thicker, I don’t think it could have been done. I hope the pictures show the result.

It sounds good as well.

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