• Richard Hawley's 12-string
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Richard Hawley Guitar-LC0A2987

Richard Hawley's 12-string

The 12 string is based on an Ariel body, with Siricote back and sides, and a Sinker Redwood soundboard, reinforced inside by an extended bridge plate and carefully considered bracing. It's a slim neck for a 12, and being small, really easy to hold and play. Richard is delighted, he played it into the small hours and has already written a song on it. I told him to wipe it off.

This style of guitar is perfect for 12 strings, the extended fingerboard supports the neck, while the short neck and the small body add to the stability, helped by carbon fibre in the neck plus the truss rod, accessed from the soundhole with my new stainless-steel adjusting nut!

Despite the danger of over egging the pudding, it has Snakewood bindings, head veneer, and bridge, but being small and dark, these things add rather than detract.

12 string guitars are never short of volume, it's all about comfort and tone, so here we are. Job done, very well done.

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