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Roy Harper's Guitar

We shipped this guitar to Roy almost two months ago, but I didn't want to say much until I knew it had arrived safely and he'd had time to play it. Well it arrived safely, and Roy has been playing it ever since. "It's Excellent". All good.

Roy had a Falstaff for many years, so we used that as a basis for lots and lots of discussion. There are differences - a 12 fret neck join, Bog Oak back and sides, a Sinker Redwood soundboard and Tulipwood bindings. The headstock shape and tuner positions are slightly reworked so that Roy can play chords from "above" the nut.

To regain fret access from the short neck we've included a small bevel instead of a cutaway, and because he asked me to, a little bit of Abalone shell inlay round the soundhole. 

The final "detail" - Roy's signature inlaid in silver wire. We did discuss leaving the frets out altogether at this position, but the wire is very fine, and I felt the frets would help hold the inlay in place! Parts of the inlay required five attempts, I sometimes think I lack patience, then I do something quite daft like this just to prove myself wrong. By now I should have learnt the amount of effort these things require. Well I did learn, then I forgot, so I had to learn again, many times.

Roy is busy writing and recording as the music world opens up, let's hope we hear some new music soon. 

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