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Sequoia Macasser Alexander

First I have to tell you a story about this guitar.  It lives in an apartment in London that is apparently very small, the only space for the guitar is under the bed, and so I needed to supply it in an especially thin case. The owner might not thank me for telling you that, but I think that's a fun story and he has already paid for it. 

I had one thing in mind all through making this.  The customer was very concerned to have a very even response at all places on the fingerboard.  Nearly all acoustic guitars have variations in response, and sometimes it seems that the "bigger" or "better" the overall response is, the more likely the chance of a strong or weak spot, and I understand at least part of how this happens.  Doing something about it is another matter, but I think I've managed it by looking at the technology of tennis rackets and cricket bats. 

I love Seqouia. It is getting ever harder to get hold of, and as I've said before, that makes me rather annoyed, because just one tree would keep a lot of guitar makers busy for years.  Moira and I are going to visit to the Redwoods very soon and invite one back to England.  I love Macassar Ebony as well, and I'm happy to use the slightly gentler grain patterns rather than simple stripes. The neck is Walnut and Ebony, which matches the body and bindings rather well.

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