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Ullapool Guitar 2013

Here we are - the UIlapool guitar is finished. What a little beauty.

Ancient Kauri back and sides, wood that was pulled out of a New Zealand swamp by relatives of Justin Stretch, who donated it to me for this very purpose, the top is Sinker Redwood from Big River in California. The bindings are European oak from a Talisker whisky cask. Neck is Kauri from the same tree as the body, with a centre section of Maiere, also from New Zealand via Justin Stretch. The fingerboard and bridge are Laburnum from England, probably the hardest of the English timbers. The dots in the side of the fingerboard are little bits of burnt French brandy cask, and the Truss rod cover is made from an offcut of African Blackwood. I should call this guitar "The International". It is amazingly light but has a big, big sound, completely balanced and clear 

I will be displaying the guitar at Ullapool and selling it to raise money for the festival. It should sell £3,000. Come to the festival and try it out, sit next to some of the world’s finest guitarists at my stand. I'll even film you playing alongside them, and I'll offer you a biscuit and a cup of tea. You will buy me bottles of whisky in an attempt to get a discount. I am almost immune to such tactics; it depends on the name on the bottle.

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